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Welcome to LandJacker! LandJacker is a new and unique online advertisement method. Use this page of LandJacker to see what areas of our world map are available, and what areas have already been LandJacked with advertisements. Advertising space that is available is indicated so by the green tiles. Advertising space that is currently LandJacked will be red. When you have found the land you want your advertising to go, contact us via our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. There is no limit to the amount of land you can buy. In fact, we encourage you to buy as much as you wish. The more you buy, the more coverage your advertisements will get. Anyone can buy the LandJacker advertising Land. In fact we want our world to be bought by people from all over the world, advertising different things. Remember to buy as soon as possible because the original buyers will have a permanent advert on the LandJacker site on our Original Members page. Follow us on twitter, @LandJacker for fun and interesting facts/news from around the world, as well as constant posts about news advertisers.
world advertisement map for effective promotion and marketing schemes.