So its a little late but we thought we would tell you about the Pro-Motor Christmas anyway. Just a few days after Christmas, we went up to the Highlands of Scotland to do some off-road driving. We were lucky enough for it to snow on the same day, making it even better. Jumping in the convoy of landrovers we headed up into the hills with the aim to reach a small little hut way up high for some lunch.

With the snow a foot deep in places, we definitely hit some trouble on the way. As you can see in the photos below, the wench even had to come out at one point as the discovery we took just didn’t have enough grip to tackle the snow.

We eventually got to the top – where we parked up and headed for lunch. See the pictures below.

It was such a great driving experience, but a top tip for anyone planning to do some 4×4 in the snow – buy snow chains for your tyres. It was the only thing that let the Landrovers down. Apart from that they perform awesomely!!

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